Maintaining Your Pole Barn: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Building in Top Shape

May 5th, 2023

A pole barn is a budget-friendly solution that can serve the purpose of agricultural storage, commercial building, or anything in between. Compared to other buildings, they normally require less upkeep, but there are a few steps one should take to maximize the structure’s lifetime worth.

Timely care is necessary to keep your pole barn secure for you, your animals, or the equipment you store within. Age and weathering can damage pole barn buildings over time. This is the reason you must keep your pole barn in top condition by being diligent with maintenance. When properly maintained, pole barns can last for many years. 

For useful tips on the upkeep of a pole barn, read this post:

Importance Of Maintaining A Pole Barn

An important aspect of extending the life of any building is proper maintenance. While no structure is everlasting, many can if given the right maintenance and care. Pole barns are made to last, and regular care keeps them in top shape for years. Over time, a little leak can cause structural problems, but these can be prevented with easy pole barn maintenance procedures that anybody can perform. 

Below are a few tips that you can take into account in order to keep the pole barn in tip-top shape:

LOOK FOR MINOR & MAJOR LEAKS: A little leak can deteriorate the materials when come in contact, and can also lead to a major leak, resulting in the formation of mold and poor air quality. For this reason, it is crucial to keep a vigilant eye out for leaks. So, it is your job to check your ceiling thoroughly at least once a quarter for any indications of water damage. 

CHECK FOR STEEL PANELS: Exterior panels frequently sustain damage in areas with frequent storms, strong winds, and other weather conditions. Placing your pole barn in a location where wind damage is less likely to occur is the most efficient strategy you can use to stop this damage. 

If you have already experienced such damage, it is critical to take immediate action to prevent water damage and other issues. Wood fillers may be able to help you fix the damage in some circumstances.

RID YOUR POLE BARN FROM PESTS: Any wooden building can suffer damage from pests like termites and flying ants. Even when constructed properly, your pole barn is susceptible to pests, particularly in the area directly above and below the soil. Make it a regular part of your routine to look for pest symptoms. If you find any, get rid of them right away. 

INSPECT POLE BARN DOOR/WINDOWS: Over time, the doors and windows of the pole barn start showing signs of aging. Once they age, their functionality declines and it is likely to experience leaky seals. Make sure all of the windows and doors are shutting snugly and inspect the weatherstripping around them.  Additionally, it is crucial to inspect all door and window hardware, including rollers and jambs. To increase their effectiveness and functioning, they might also need to be replaced.

CLEAN YOUR POLE BARN REGULARLY: A pole barn’s siding frequently collects mud and other unwanted elements, but they don’t have to stay there. A wonderful approach to keep your pole barn in good condition is to deep clean it from the inside out at least once a year. This includes organizing the equipment and supplies you have in your barn or power washing the interior floors and external walls.

KEEP THE GUTTERS CLEAR: Although not all pole barns will have gutters, it’s a good idea to include them if you live in an area with frequent snowfall and rain. Pole barn gutters just need to be inspected roughly twice a year to make sure they are in good functioning order. Regular maintenance keeps gutters healthy and allows the water to flow to keep them free of leaves and other debris.

CHECK FOR THE WEATHER: Poor weather is a big risk to pole barn structures. Take all necessary measures if you see heavy snow on its way. Secure your doors and windows if there is a chance of strong winds. This can greatly increase the lifespan of your pole barn.


Your pole barn is an investment that is going to offer you countless benefits. Such a type of building is simple to maintain, but if something needs to be fixed or taken care of, do it as soon as you can before it gets worse. Like any other building, your pole building will eventually require some little maintenance. 

Now that you are aware of the type of maintenance your pole barn building needs, get in touch with Roper Buildings to discuss your dream building’s vision and learn how we can make it a reality. No matter the size or purpose of your building, let our team help you create a building that will last a lifetime.