Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Add An Extra Living Space To Your Property

The popularity of ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, is on the rise. These are a wonderful choice for large families who require a bit of extra room to maintain comfort or are interested in setting up a short-term rental to earn some extra money. Accessory Dwelling Units have the potential to boost housing affordability, enabling families to stay together.

Such a kind of extra living space can be built with significant benefits for homeowners. The fundamental purpose of all ADUs is to offer a cost-efficient solution for much-needed living space. You can fulfill your choice the way you want whether you want it as an office space, an art studio, or for other uses.

Continue reading to find out more about ADUs, their advantages, and the cost of constructing one.

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)?

Additional dwelling units, in short ADUs, can be constructed on your property as an extra space. An ADU apartment can be built entirely from scratch or converted from pre-existing spaces, depending on the available space.
The purpose of an ADU is to add living space to the primary residence. An ADU building is a completely self-contained residential unit with access to the rest of the property’s amenities

What are ADUs used for? 

Accessory Dwelling Units can be used as the following:

ADUs can be used for various purposes, whether you are looking for extra living space, extra income, or both. You can build both a detached ADU and an attached ADU depending on how you want to use the space. If your objective is to rent out your home, for instance, a detached ADU might be a smart alternative, although an attached ADU might suit your needs in other circumstances.

Types Of ADUs

Below are the main types of ADUs:

Detached ADU

 A detached ADU exists independently which separates it from the main residence. This building must have utility hookups, and mechanical appliances, and be supported by foundations.

Attached ADU

ADUs that are connected to the main house are called attached ADUs. These apartments typically have a separate entrance on the rear or side of the home

Advantages Of ADUs

Here are some advantages to having an ADU, if you’re thinking about it:

Passive Income

ADUs may be rented out temporarily or permanently. You can earn money by renting your ADU to renters. It can work as an additional income source.

Add Value to Your Property

 Even if you have no plans to rent out the ADU, you might still build one to boost the value of your home.

Affordable Housing

ADUs are a more cost-effective alternative. Establishing and maintaining one is typically less expensive than building a separate residence. Because they are easier to construct and maintain, owners can sell them for less money than other kinds of real estate.

Serve As Additional Room

ADU can serve as an office, a workshop, or a residence for elderly family members. Older family members can live independently while remaining near their close ones. 

Increased Sustainability

The main benefit of an ADU is that these spaces are environmentally friendly. ADU consumes significantly less energy to heat and cool. You have the option of selecting environmentally friendly materials and energy sources while constructing your own ADU.

What Does an Accessory Dwelling Unit Contain? 

ADUs ought to have everything a person may require to live comfortably. This comprises a bedroom, a kitchen, and a restroom with a shower or bathtub. ADUs can be built in a studio apartment style. This indicates that the entire space is an open concept rather than designating separate rooms including the kitchen, living area, and bedroom..

How Much Does An ADU Cost?

The cost of building an ADU is determined by a number of factors, including the unit’s size, location, and whether you want to build from scratch or convert an existing space, much like the expenditures related to building a primary dwelling. Depending on whether you pick high-end materials or less expensive builder-grade materials, the cost of materials for flooring, appliances, and cabinetry can vary greatly.

Build an ADU with a pole building can save you 10-15% of the standard building costs.

Build Your Own ADU Today

The popularity of accessory living units is growing. Building an ADU on your property brings several advantages, whether you want to provide loved ones a place to stay or boost your passive income. By facilitating access to affordable housing, accessory dwelling units are a great investment for the future.
ADUs are excellent investments for any homeowner, so think about building one right away with Roper Buildings. We design and build ADUs with the highest quality materials at the most competitive prices.
Whether you want to add more living space to increase the value of your property or enjoy an additional money stream, Roper Buildings has the right expertise to build the ADU type you need. Our experts can build the structure to your specs quickly and efficiently.

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